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Directed Verdict at Trial Dismissing Case

September 2006 Brian Waters obtained a directed verdict for his clients at trial. The court also ordered the plaintiff to pay the defense litigation costs.

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Order Striking Plaintiff’s Expert Designation

August 2006 Collins v. Griffin, Denver District Court, Civil Action 2005CV3127. Karen Wheeler and Brian Waters obtained an order striking a plaintiff’s expert designation and prohibiting the plaintiff from calling any experts at trial.

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Premises Liability Presentation

August 2006 “Who’s on First and other Mysteries of the Colorado Premises Liability Statute.” Presented by Brian Waters to the Colorado Defense Lawyers Association – August 12, 2006.

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Sanctions for Pleading Violations – Gibson v. McCarthy

June 2006 Gibson v. McCarthy, Boulder District Court, Civil Action 2005CV457. Karen Wheeler and Brian Waters obtained an order sanctioning opposing counsel two thousand dollars for pleading violations. This same counsel was sanctioned in the same case back in December of 2005. This opposing counsel was again sanctioned in the Kampmann v. Farmers Insurance Exchange case.

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Vioxx Dismissal

April 2006 Van Gilder v. Adams, Mesa County District Court, Civil Action 2004CV868. Brian Waters successfully obtained the withdrawal of a Vioxx wrongful death claim. The estate of a deceased woman filed an action alleging, among other things, that an automobile accident caused her to use Vioxx, which led to her death. Mr. Waters pressed for causation evidence from the plaintiff. When plaintiff refused to comply, Mr. Waters sought summary…

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Granted – Motion to Compel Discovery and Sanctions

February 2006 Collins v. Griffin, Denver District Court, Civil Action 2005CV3127. Karen Wheeler and Brian Waters obtained another order granting a Motion to Compel Discovery. The court also issued a monetary sanction.

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